Vinny Curry, Eagles ready to face Tom Brady, Patriots

February 2, 2018

HUNTINGTON — In just 48 hours, former Marshall University defensive end Vinny Curry will wake up and prepare for the biggest football game of his life.

Curry will join his Philadelphia Eagles teammates on the field of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52. On the other side of the field will be the vaunted New England Patriots, looking for their third Super Bowl win in four years.

All that success has led to much of the pregame focus being on the Patriots. The Eagles have even spun it, wearing dog masks to some interviews and throughout the postseason to show that they are, indeed, underdogs.

“At the end of the day, they are the defending world champions, so they deserve to be talked about,” Curry said. “We’re just excited and eager to get out there and play next Sunday.”

Part of the underdog mentality centers around the fact that, despite being the No. 1 seed in the NFC, many people thought the Eagles were done after quarterback Carson Wentz went down late in the year because of a torn ACL.

Nick Foles came in and managed things brilliantly, especially in the 38-7 win over Minnesota in the NFC championship game.

While everyone around the league thought the Eagles had lost momentum with Wentz’ injury, Curry said the city of Philadelphia and players in the locker room never wavered.

“It’s just a next-guy-up mentality,” Curry said. “I don’t think we lost any momentum. It’s that nextguy-up mentality. Nick has stepped right in and is doing a great job.”

In terms of quarterbacks, New England’s Tom Brady has more Super Bowl wins (5) than Foles has postseason starts (3), meaning experience edge is on the side of the Patriots.

Brady’s experience includes last year’s wild affair when the veteran Patriots’ quarterback brought New England back from a 28-3 deficit against Atlanta in a 34-28 overtime victory.

To Curry and the Eagles, all that means very little as they head into Sunday’s game.

For the Eagles’ defense, it is about getting pressure on Brady and disrupting the timing of a machine-like offense that works in rhythmic fashion. It will be strength on strength as Brady goes against the defensive front of the Eagles.

Curry said he is blessed to be part of that equation, but at the end of the day, all the hype, glitz and glamour of the Super Bowl comes down to one thing: 60 minutes of execution.

“You just have to stay the task and stick to the game plan and play sound football,” he said.

Philadelphia’s defense is charged with stopping a player who has won more Super Bowls than any quarterback in history.

It is what Curry has dreamed of his entire life. He will be taking on the grandest challenge that football can provide on the grandest stage — the Super Bowl 52 stage.