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Soglin has betrayed our fair city -- S. Michael Shivers

October 26, 2018 GMT

Mayor Paul Soglin’s decision to change his mind and run again is a betrayal to the other announced candidates and the people of our fair city.

After serving for 20 long years as a Far East Side City Council member, I knew I needed to preserve whatever legacy I had earned and retire from city politics in a dignified and honorable manner. Any of the announced candidates for mayor could without a doubt run the city of Madison as well, or better, than Mayor Soglin has -- floods or no floods.

I am fully supporting Satya Rhodes-Conway as the next mayor of Madison. Soglin has already announced that Rhodes-Conway is the best candidate of those who were running before he got back in. How dare he betray her and the rest of us. A politician who changes his or her mind at the last “minute” does not deserve a vote -- at least not mine.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mayor Soglin has tarnished his image and probably his legacy.

S. Michael Shivers, Madison