Abortion law in Alabama targets poor women

May 20, 2019 GMT

When the old white guys in Alabama enacted a state law which bans abortions, they really thought they were putting an end to the medical procedure in the state.

Poor, poor pitiful fools. I had to shake my head when I read what they had done. All they did was ban legal abortions in Alabama.

Illegal abortions will take up the slack and continue, as they have ever since the Supremes made abortions legal with the decision of Roe vs. Wade on Jan. 22, 1973.

I remember the date well. A local politician (nameless here forevermore) went berserk and claimed the passage of the historic decision would mean “there’ll be abortions on every street corner in every city in America.”



What it meant was that the legalization of abortions meant women, especially poor women, would have the chance to have abortions under the direction and care of the medical profession.

Alas, illegal abortions continued to some extent after Roe vs. Wade.

Women with enough money never had a problem with getting an abortion. They went to “certain doctors” who performed “certain procedures” on them which weren’t called abortions but which did the same thing.

If the U.S. Supreme Court reverses Roe vs. Wade, two things will happen. Poor women will return to using coat hangers in back rooms and women with cold hard cash will go to doctors who will perform abortions and call them something else.

Fetuses will continue to be “murdered,” but so will desperate women who will do anything to get abortions.

Congratulations, old white senators in Alabama. Hope you feel proud of yourselves.

Even if you are a fan of Trumplestiltskin, you know deep in your heart the man doesn’t have a clue about history. In fact, he would probably say that history didn’t begin until the day he was sworn into office.

He probably doesn’t know and doesn’t care that the history of China goes back at least 3,000 years and it might be said they are the absolute leaders in trade with other countries. Central and western China were full of trade routes that were used long before the birth of Jesus.

How does Trump expect to defeat China at its own game? Does he really think he can defeat the empire that may have invented trade?

It has been clear ever since Richard Nixon made his historic visit to China and trade with the U.S. began that China has called all the shots because they are the masters of trade.

We have borrowed billions, if not trillions from China and doubtlessly that is part of the reason they rule trade relations.


For years I have said that China does not have to physically conquer us with bombs and guns. China has already conquered us economically and will continue well into the future. They hold all the cards (and the bonds) and will continue to take our money at their leisure.

Trump can continue to beat his chest like a gorilla and even claim he is winning over the country that invented foreign trade. But in time, even his supporters will have to admit that our country is a lightweight when it comes to winning against China.

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