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Walking hawk on highway rescued on I-91

September 8, 2016

This one is from the “guess what I saw on the highway” file.

A red-tailed hawk walking on the side of Interstate 91 as cars sped by.

The unusual sight brought State Police and a Department of Transportation to the scene near Exit 21 in Cromwell.

On Wednesday, State Police posted on their Facebook page, photos of the hawk as it walked on the shoulder of the busy road.

The pun-laden post took flight on social media.

“It’s not just stranded motorists who receive roadside assistance...

“Troopers, Connecticut Department of Transportation service patrol and Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police flocked to the area of I-91 north near Exit 21 to provide some assistance to a hawk strolling along the shoulder. Luckily, things didn’t take a tern for the worse and we were able to take the hawk under our wing and protect it from the cars flying by. No fowl play is suspected in this case - DEEP will be providing further assistance.”

The hawk was later taken to Cromwell Animal Control to recover from the ordeal.

Readers’ comments also took the bad puns further.

Adam Hendrick posted, “Who ever wrote this is a “hoot.”

Robert Klein Jr. wrote, “I’m talon you CSP does great work!!!”

Matt Menghi posted, “Bird puns? Toucan play that game.”

And finally ...

Karen Marie: “Give that hawk a ticket for jaywalking!! Ok I’ll stop now.”

It was the second animal rescue on a Connecticut interstate this summer. And, in the same area of I-91 in Cromwell.

On July 7, a horse that fell out of a trailer, but was able to get up and make safely to the side of the highway without being struck.

State Police said “This little guy kicked open the door of his trailer and took a tumble,” the post said. “His family was found on I-95 in Stratford by Troop G-Bridgeport troopers. The horse has a few cuts and scrapes, but is OK and happy to be safely back in his trailer.”