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Driver’s License System

August 28, 2018

As most of you are aware, especially if you have been into the driver’s license office recently, we are experiencing many issues. For the past 18 months the State of Idaho has changed the driver’s license software and have upgraded their equipment which they tell me was old and did not work anymore.

The Idaho Sheriff’s Association recently sent a letter to the Governor’s Office expressing our frustrations with this new driver’s license software upgrade. Idaho is only one of two states that require the Sheriffs to run the driver’s license office. When people come into get a new driver’s license and the system is down, they believe that since the Sheriff’s Office is running driver’s license that we are responsible for the problems. This is not true. The Sheriff’s Office is mandated by legislation that we must issue driver’s licenses. The Idaho Transportation department is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the equipment in driver’s license. They are also responsible for the training on the new equipment. ITD has a help line that when a driver’s license deputy is having problems they are supposed to be able to call that number and get help with the problem. For the past 3 weeks wait times to get ahold of an operator have been from 1 to 4 hours wait time. This does not work for anyone that I know of. Who want to spend 4 hours getting their driver’s license renewed or a photo taken for a concealed weapons permit?

I want the public to know that I am as frustrated as they are with this new system. My personnel get yelled at because the system is down or the system is slow. I want the citizens to know that the Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for the down time or the wait time for driver’s license. This is the sole responsibility of Idaho Transportation Department.

I believe it is time for the ITD to take back the driver’s license system and take the burden off of the tax payer in Bingham County.

Sheriff Craig T. Rowland,

Bingham County Sheriff,