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Blue Arrow Record Store owner Pete Gulyas chooses four albums you should check out

August 21, 2018 GMT

Blue Arrow Record Store owner Pete Gulyas chooses four albums you should check out

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Looking for some new music to spin? Cleveland’s record store owners have their own thoughts about what they think you should be listening to—and it’s all available in their shops.

Pete Gulyas has owned and operated Blue Arrow Records for nearly a decade in Cleveland’s hip Waterloo neighborhood. The store is well-known for its shop cats, its vintage selection and its flooring—made of a collage of old record covers.

Gulyas chose four albums, all by Northeast Ohio bands, that he thinks you should be listening to. They are all available in his shop, located at 16001 Waterloo Rd., Cleveland.


The Damnation of Adam Blessing: “Second Damnation”

“In the category of vintage records, I recommend searching out The Damnation of Adam Blessing. This was a rock band active in the late ’60s and early ’70s. They released three LPs on United Artist, a major record label back in the day. The first record was released in 1969, followed by “Second Damnation” in 1970. Their third and final record under the moniker of “The Damnation Of Adam Blessing” came out in 1971, and was called “Which Is The Justice, Which Is The Thief.” Of their three records, I recommend “Second Damnation” which features the great song “Back To The River,” a terrific psychedelic rocker.  Blue Arrow Records regularly gets in vintage copies of their records.  However, locally-based label Exit Stencil Records has re-released the first two records this year, which will make finding their records easily available.”

Sweet Apple: “Sing The Night In Sorrow”

“Second on my list is an album by Sweet Apple (which features members of Cobra Verde (local favorites), Dinosaur, Jr.  and Witch. The record is entitled “Sing the Night In Sorrow,” and came out last year. It is Sweet Apple’s third full length release since forming in 2009. As with their other releases, this record has great songs and great musicianship to bring them to life in “living color.” Be sure to look up their fun and vibrant video output.”

The Cleveland Steamers: “Best Record Ever”

Third on my list is by The Cleveland Steamers which just released their third record last month. The record is called “Best Record Ever.” What a great title for a really fun record. The record leans more toward punk rock with some serious social commentary. Another thing about this record that really hooked me was the fantastic packaging. The sleeve is made to replicate an old style LP carrying case and pays homage to long-gone record stores and friends of the band. I love it.”


Public Squares: “NWR&P”

Finally, I want to add a bonus release  It is another release that features fantastic packaging. It is by the band Public Squares. I would say the Public Squares have emerged from the tradition of DEVO. They put a lot of thought and energy into making the packaging fun and unique. Their new release is actually square (Get it? Public Squares put out square-shaped record) and, to make it even more unique, the record is 8 inches in size. Normal full length records are 12 inches and normal sizes singles are seven inches. The record also come with a faux FBI redacted report on the band. Such attention to detail always captures my imagination as well.”