You Said It, Sept. 14

September 14, 2016 GMT


Does Donald Trump have any ideological core values?

George Raemore, Danbury

‘Deplorable’ speaks up

Senator John McCain is no longer alone in trashing American citizens in large numbers. Hillary Clinton has joined him. Now I am not only one of the “Crazies,” according to McCain, I am also a “Deplorable,” according to Clinton. This proves beyond question that I am doing something right!

Timothy Bishop, Bethel

Not dumb

Hillary Clinton was incorrect stating only HALF of Trump supporters were “deplorable” because the Great Majority are! She didn’t have to apologize either. Clinton was talking about Trump supporters — NOT the majority of Republicans who are not racist nor sexists. We know why Republican leaders and previous presidents are not supporting him, and why we don’t see dark-skins at Trump rallies. America isn’t dumb like you Mr.Trump!

Paul F. Adinolfi, Sandy Hook

Not a ‘Danbury man’

Why would The News-Times refer to the accused killer, Walter DaSilva, as “Danbury Man?” It was revealed a month ago the man is here in this country illegally. He is not a “Danbury Man” nor is he from Danbury. If any reference is made to where he is from, it should be the country he is from, not the city he is hiding out in.

Mark von Dwingelo, Redding