Food safety inspections, Feb. 19, 2018

February 20, 2018 GMT

For the period ending Feb. 15. To file a complaint all the state Environment Department at 827-1840.

DAIRY QUEEN, 4250 Cerrillos Road. Cited for mineral buildup on ice machine, no notification posted that inspection report is available for review, food temperature in danger zone, lack of date label on some foods, lack of proper air gap on ice machine, greasy vent, lint and dust on equipment.

ELDORADO SUPERMART, 7 Avenida Vista. Cited for odd food buildup on equipment.

OASIS CAFE, 7 Caliente Road. Cited for greasy vent, lint buildup vents.

RENEWAL LIFE BAR, 1221 St. Francis Drive. Approved for permit.

HARRY’S ROADHOUSE, 96B Old Las Vegas Highway. Previous violations corrected.

SUBWAY, 3251 Cerrillos Road. Cited for employee eating in prep area, food prep sink used as hand-wash sink, no hand-wash signage, ice pooling on food boxes in freezer, lack of hair restraints.

ALARM CLOCK CAFE AT SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL, 2100 Yucca St. Cited for bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food, employee drink in prep area, hand sink is blocked, ends of paper towels soiled and not in covered dispenser, no posted dented can policy, lack of working hand dryer in restroom, improper sanitizer mixture for three-compartment sink, food temperature in danger zone, out-of-date milk, buildup on cords in kitchen area.

SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL NJ ROTC, 2100 Yucca St. Cited for employee food in refrigerator, no date labels on some food, lack of paper towels at hand sink, food temperature in danger zone, pesticide stored next to refrigerator, mislabeled spray bottle.