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Disabled Man Found Bound, Robbed

May 4, 2000

BROCKTON, Mass. (AP) _ A man and a woman bound a disabled man, hoisted him over his bed and then ransacked his apartment and stole his rent money, authorities said.

The 52-year-old man was found dangling over his bed Tuesday morning, 10 hours after he was placed there by the robbers the night before. He did not suffer serious injuries. His identity was not released.

The man, who has no legs, told police his usual visiting nurse could not come to his apartment to help him from his wheelchair and into his bed.

He said he met a woman in a restaurant who told him she was a health aide and would assist him. The man let the woman in, who then let in her accomplice.

The couple bound the victim’s hands, and used a hoist, normally used to help him out of his wheelchair, to lift him into the air.

The couple ransacked his apartment and took money he had withdrawn from the bank for his rent. Police were searching for the robbers.

``It’s stooping to a pretty low level, that’s for sure,″ said Detective Lt. William Conlon.

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