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Dental Implants - What Is Really Happening in Your Mouth?

January 24, 2020 GMT

MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J., Jan. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- If your dentist told you it is time to get an implant, you might wonder what it really means. Once a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it should be extracted to prevent inflammations and other complications. The new artificial tooth, the implant, will replace it in due time. The implant, like any screw, needs a matrix to be screwed into.

However, after extracting the tooth there is a small hole in your bone (socket) that the tooth’s root occupied before. The most common solution today is placing human or animal cadaver’s bone (a bone that was taken from a donor, cleaned and grounded into granules), other options are using different synthetic bone substitutes. Those grafts are placed in the socket and wait for your bone to occupy the gaps between the granules of the bone substitute. A somewhat cumbersome procedure that may have a greater risk to be accompanied by post operational complications.

What is Bond Apatite?
These days we see innovative technologies in almost every field imaginable and it is inevitable for these innovations to reach the dental field as well. One innovation that stands out in the bone grafting world is Bond Apatite. Bond Apatite, the recipient of a 2019 Edison Award, is a bone grafting material made of various minerals that encourages natural bone regeneration. The material dissolves as the new bone is being formed. Hence, the result is your own bone. Furthermore, Bond Apatite is also outshining traditional bone substitutes due to its less invasive protocols, and faster procedure.

About Augma Biomaterials
Bond Apatite has been proven successful in hundreds of thousands of procedures by numerous dentists around the world, including the United States. Augma Biomaterials has been working globally to raise awareness among dentists to reach their bone grafting goals in a more holistic approach. Augma has launched an educational program with experts all over the world and online tools to educate dentists to advance their techniques and join the bone grafting revolution. It is time for the Dental field to become more innovative. With Bond Apatite, there are many benefits compared to traditional bone grafting techniques, such as:

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