Giving is more fun

November 27, 2017 GMT

With Christmas just around the corner all I can think about is the hustle of shoppers, the smell of peppermint lingering in the air, Christmas lights illuminating streets, and the excitement of handing someone a gift that I know they’ll love.

Buying someone that “perfect” present is what I look forward to the most during the holiday season. Whether I buy that present in a store or online is not an issue as long as I can purchase, wrap, and place the gift under the tree by Christmas.

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed news outlets talking about the increase of online shopping. It makes sense. Families are busier with work, school and athletic events and have less time to go out and buy presents.

Another factor for shopping online is the option of more choices. When going to a store to buy a present, there’s the chance that the store may be out of what I want or do not have the right size of clothing — if that’s what I’m shopping for.

When shopping online, there’s a larger selection and the exact gift I want. For example, if I want to buy a pair of red boots, there’s a greater chance of the exact pair I want to be available online than if I went to a department store to buy them.

However, shopping online does have its disadvantages. For instance, the time it takes for the gift item to be delivered. For example, last Christmas I bought boots for my mom. It took a month for the shoes to finally arrive, and when they did they were the wrong size and there wasn’t time to exchange them by Christmas.

Also, when I shop online I miss the excitement of going to the store. I enjoy shopping for the experience of getting out of my house, and physically buying something. It gives me a rush that I don’t feel when buying something online.

For that reason, I’ll always enjoy buying presents in a store more than purchasing them online.

I easily relate to the phrase “giving is more fun than receiving.” Watching my friends faces light up after they’ve opened the present I gave them is better than any present I’ve ever received.

For me, it’s not important where I bought the present as long as I can witness the joy they experience when they open my gifts.