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2 women charged with illegal care

May 5, 2018 GMT

Two women are accused of practicing medicine without a license in Adams County.

Lydiann S. Schwartz and Sylvia C. Eicher were charged Tuesday in Adams Circuit Court. They entered pleas of not guilty Friday to practicing medicine without a license and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Investigators say in court documents that both women examined and gave drugs to pregnant women in 2016 and 2017. The women worked out of their homes, and Schwartz’s hours were posted on the front door of her home, court records said.

One woman told authorities Eicher injected her with medication twice to help her unborn baby’s lungs in May 2017. The pregnant woman went to Adams County Memorial Hospital’s emergency room that month because of high blood pressure and a severe headache, court records said.

Eicher assists in child birth but is not a midwife. She proclaims to be a “mother’s helper.” Both she and her patient in this case are Amish, court records said.

Eicher told police she receives syringes in the mail.

In Schwartz’s case, a woman told Berne police that Schwartz gave her a small intravenous injection in the spring of 2016 because the woman previously had a cesarean section. Schwartz told her that because of the previous C-section, she would be in labor longer when giving birth. Schwartz also collected blood from the woman’s baby’s heel and had the blood tested, court records said.

The woman told police she paid Schwartz $550 for her services. At first, Schwartz said she did not accept the payment, then said it was a donation, court records said.

The baby Schwartz helped care for died after 14 days from congenital heart disease, court records said.