“Even nudists have lobbyists”:Ohio Matters Episode 15 - Bill Seitz

April 27, 2018 GMT

“Even nudists have lobbyists”:Ohio Matters Episode 15 - Bill Seitz

Cleveland, Ohio -- State Rep. Bill Seitz wants you to know: everyone has lobbyists in Columbus.

Teachers. Cops. Teamster. Truckers. Bankers.

“Lobbyists are a fact of life and everyone is represented up there. You’re job as a legislator is to listen to all of them, sort through what is bull crap versus what is true, and then make the best public policy that you can,” Seitz said during a recent interview recorded for the Ohio Matters podcast. “But the idea that there is something inherently evil about lobbyists is not true. The fact of the matter is every single conceivable occupation has one. Why?”

Ohio Matters is the weekly politics podcast from cleveland.com. Every Friday, Andrew Tobias, Mary Kilpatrick and Seth Richardson sit down with political figures from around the state for in depth interviews and discussions.

Seitz said early in his career, he even dealt with lobbyists from a nudist association in Ohio. He said lobbyists represent nearly all interests, and it’s legislators’ job to hear them out, ask questions and bring different factions together.

“But if you tune out all the lobbyists you will miss out on all the valuable information that they can sometimes give you about what’s really going on in the field of anesthesiology, or in the field of banking or in the field of you name it,” Seitz said. “To say we shouldn’t talk to lobbyists we shouldn’t meet with lobbyists we shouldn’t have a drink with lobbyists is to make yourself a bad legislator.”

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