Washington city compiles $150M list of repairs over 20 years

March 2, 2020 GMT

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A city in Washington state compiled a list of building repairs that could cost more than $150 million to complete.

The work in Everett includes improvements and upkeep to be conducted over the next 20 years, The Everett Herald reports.

Everett is responsible for cleaning, managing and repairing 143 buildings containing more than 1 million square feet (92,903 square meters) of space used for general government, golf and transit operations.

The city paid more than $197,000 to Seattle-based firm MENG Analysis for the 1,800-page study.

The study listed problems including cracked concrete, failing cooling and heating units and the need for a backup generator at a fire station.

The analysis ranked whether the repairs should be addressed as a priority, within six years or over the next two decades.

The majority of the repair costs, more than $130 million, would go toward general government buildings including city hall, the Everett Municipal Building and police precincts.

“Buildings are not forever,” Everett facility manager Jeff Harris said at a city council meeting last week. “It’s not a mountain or a rock structure. They are semi-permanent structures that need to be maintained over time. There’s quite a cost to that.”