ISU to discuss limiting quads in free skate programs

May 16, 2018 GMT

The International Skating Union will discuss limiting the number of quadruple jumps in a free skate routine, and will consider raising the minimum age to compete on the senior level from 15 to 17.

The ISU will hold its congress in Seville, Spain, from June 4-8.

With top-level men skaters loading their free programs with quads — world champion Nathan Chen has done six — the governing body has several concerns. It fears the sport is becoming too much of a jumping contest, shoving artistry and other technical elements aside. There also is concern that daily practicing of quads can be damaging to skaters’ health.

The Dutch skating federation has recommended the age change for senior competition. Olympic women’s champion Alina Zagitova was 15 at the Pyeongchang Games.