Internet Entrepreneur Jason Portnoy Has Message For Doubters, And Gary Vaynerchuck is Helping It Go Viral

March 4, 2019 GMT

Gary Vaynerchuck, also known as GaryVee, the Owner of VaynerMedia, Had Promised Portnoy, Owner of JPORT Media, that He Would Appear on Portnoy’s Podcast as His Guest

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2019 / Jason Portnoy, owner of the Montreal, Canada-based internet marketing agency JPORT Media, turned to social media to announce that he recently interviewed VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuck - also known as GaryVee - on a recent episode of his podcast “Perfectly Mentored” on iTunes.

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As a spokesperson for Jason Portnoy and his company noted, Portnoy first met Vaynerchuk in a group setting about a year ago. During the meeting, Vaynerchuck told everyone present that they should start a podcast.


As the story goes, Portnoy was the only one in the group who asked “If I start a podcast, will you be on it?” Vaynerchuck replied that if Portnoy started a podcast and could record 20 episodes with 20 different guests that he would come on as a guest as well.

“Jason started the ‘Perfectly Mentored’ podcast and has interviewed some of the brightest minds in Internet Marketing, including Snow Teeth Whitening founder Josh Elizetxe, legendary internet marketer Ezra Firestone, entrepreneur and media influencer Vito Glazers, and highly noted businessman Brandon Steiner,” the spokesperson noted, adding that after recording the 20th podcast, Portnoy reached back out to Gary Vaynerchuck to see if he would live up to his word and be on the podcast with him.

“Gary agreed, as long as we came out to New York. So I booked a flight to New York, met with Gary and we recorded the podcast.”

Although Vaynerchuck usually limits his podcast appearances to 20 minutes, even with billionaires, the interview was going so well that they ended up recording for more than 30 minutes, and apparently the meeting continued even longer after the recording had been completed, sources who were present report.

During the podcast, the duo spoke about topics like “bottom feeding gurus” and how to focus and succeed in digital marketing. When the interview was over, the spokesperson noted, Vaynerchuck said that it “may have been one of the best interviews he’s ever done.”

Getting the interview with Vaynerchuck would be considered the epitome of most podcasters’ broadcasting careers. Then, on top of that, getting that kind of positive feedback from a celebrity entrepreneur like GaryVee, is game changing. But Portnoy was not done there. The message resonated so well with Vaynerchuck, that he actually shared the episode with his audience and sent this message out as a post on his LinkedIn.


“I’m making a commitment to create more context on my thoughts and points of views through written words and long-form content. In this ‘Perfectly Mentored’ podcast with Jason Portnoy, I talk more about what I believe about hustle, my ambitions of buying the Jets, how I think about doing Q&A, and more. Think you guys will find this one valuable - hope it sheds some new light on my truths and what I believe.”

GaryVee has a raving audience of more than 5 million followers on social media, so any entrepreneur should be excited to have a celebrity like him live up to a promise, and be even more excited to host him on their podcast, but Portnoy has worries. “I’m afraid that all the hype around Gary being on the podcast is going to distract people from the amazing results being achieved through my agency, JPORT Media,” said the entrepreneur. JPORT Media has helped several clients achieve amazing results, like helping to scale their business into 7 figure revenue territory.

“People told me not to expect to have Gary come on. That it’s a big reach. I’ve been told these type of things all my life. But never ever let people tell you that what you want is unattainable or too big or you’re reaching too high. Those people are just too small minded.”

The episode of Perfectly Mentored, hosted by Jason Portnoy and featuring Gary Vaynerchuck, is currently live on iTunes, YouTube and wherever people catch their podcasts.

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