County Corner: Upcoming changes at the Mohave County recorder’s office

May 7, 2019 GMT

This month I want to share some changes that have occurred or may be coming in the near future: Last year’s legislature, in conjunction with the land title industry, implemented a standardized fee for recording documents. Beginning July 1, all recorded documents will be a flat fee of $30. Fee structures can oftentimes become confusing depending upon the transaction and this will simplify the process.

Please feel free to contact our office (928) 753-0701 or visit our website at www.MohaveCounty.us, select Government/Recorder/Recording Fees for additional information.

Please remember that we now have combined offices with the Assessor in Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City to assist you with recordings.


We are very busy with the implementation of a new statewide voter registration system. Testing has been ongoing and training will begin in June for staff. We are hoping for a successful transition in preparation for the 2020 election cycle.

There were approximately 75 bills this legislative session regarding elections and voter registration. Several are worth mentioning on their own of changes that have occurred or bills of particular interest:

• SB1090, was recently signed by the governor and was not supported by any of the county recorders, the County Supervisors Association, the Arizona Association of Counties or the Secretary of State’s Office. It is in regards to emergency voting and additional requirements that need to be met by voters. The responsibility for emergency voting has also been placed under the authority of the Board of Supervisors rather than the county recorders.

• SB1072 also signed by the governor, now requires identification at an early voting site in order to receive an early ballot. Identification was previously a practice but not a requirement when voting at an early voting site because your signature was subsequently verified before the ballot was accepted.

• SB1054 also signed by the governor, allows voters whose signatures were inconsistent with their signature on file to be allowed five business days to correct the discrepancy.

During the General Election of 2018, this became an issue as most of the counties determined this time to be 7 p.m. on election night while several counties allowed up to five days after the election for voters to verify signature discrepancies. This ensures all 15 counties are following the same requirements for signature discrepancies.

• SB1154 aims to change the Primary Election date to the first Tuesday in August beginning in 2020.


• HB2616 establishes a penalty for anyone who receives voter registration forms and knowingly fails to submit within ten business days to the County Recorder as well as a felony charge for knowingly altering a voter registration form without the consent of the registrant.

Our Voter Registration Division has been busy with voter registration drives throughout the county.

We have been attending local high schools and college events and welcome the opportunity to assist with voter registration. We hope to offer training for anyone interested in supporting voter registration drives in the near future.

Please feel free to contact our Voter Registration staff at 928-753-0767 with any questions you may have. Please remember if you move or change your mailing address to be sure to notify us. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your Mohave County Recorder. It is a privilege and an honor to serve you.

Mohave County Recorder Kristi Blair can be contacted at 928-753-0701 or online at mohavecounty.us/ContentPage.aspx?id=129.