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Jesse S. Cartrette sworn in as Florence County probate judge

January 4, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – Jesse S. Cartrette was sworn in as the probate judge of Florence County during a ceremony Thursday afternoon.

“It’s a very tremendous and high honor and one that I will definitely cherish for the rest of my life and not take for granted,” Cartrette said.

South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Thomas A. Russo presided over the ceremony. Cartrette’s mother, Gail S. Cartrette, niece Kaylee Cartrette and nephew Wyatt Cartrette assisted in the ceremony – Gail carrying the Bible Jesse used to be sworn in and Kaylee and Wyatt carrying his robe.

Family Court Judge James G. McGee spoke during the ceremony about Jesse’s career, his love for those around him and his faith.

McGee said Cartrette was raised right and has accomplished a lot in his life.

“A minister said there’s a mansion with many rooms, and Jesse’s heart is that way,” McGee said. “He’s got a lot of rooms in his heart, and he has room for every one of you in there. He opens it up to people.”

McGee said Cartrette’s life has been guided by his faith, and prayer has been a big part of his life. McGee said Cartrette will lead in his position with kindness and earnestness.

Cartrette won the judgeship in the November election. He succeeds J. Mumford Scott, who did not seek re-election. Probate judges serve four-year terms.

Cartrette said there is a lot of work that he wants to do to modernize the court.

“A lot of folks look at our probate courts statewide and they see a court that has not had the advantages of technology some of our other courts have had,” Jesse said. “Well certainly we have a lot of work to do there. Fortunately, our state judiciary and state judicial department has seen the need to bring us online and get us the equipment we need to allow us to digitize and help us keep the campaign promises we made.”

Cartrette said he also wants the technology to bring all of the documents online so the public can access them from home.

Cartrette actually began his time in office on Wednesday after an informal swearing in before the formal ceremony.

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