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Eric Swalwell: Democratic memo ‘bolsters credibility’ of the FBI

February 6, 2018 GMT

Rep. Eric Swalwell said Tuesday the Democratic memo “bolsters credibility” for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and justice system.

“Ours bolsters the credibility of the FBI, to point out that they actually did go through the correct process,” Mr. Swalwell, California Democrat, said on Fox News.

Republicans released their memo Friday on alleged use of an unverified dossier in obtaining surveillance warrants on members of President Trump’s campaign team. The House Intelligence Committee voted to release the Democratic memo on Monday, but Mr. Trump has to approve it, as he did with Republicans.

Mr. Swalwell explained that Democrats did not support the release the Republican memo because they did not want evidence released in an ongoing investigation, but Republicans did support the release of the Democratic memo.

“The public sentiment was that they wanted the full picture, and Democrats didn’t believe that in an ongoing investigation that the public, or subjects or witnesses in the investigation, like the White House and White House staff members, should see evidence that is being used in the case, which now is open and out there,” he said.

Mr. Swalwell said Democrats now want their memo released because of misinformation in the Republican memo.