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Wayne County Circuit Clerk candidate: Gary Paul Thompson (D)

March 26, 2018 GMT

NAME: Gary Paul Thompson

CANDIDATE FOR: Circuit Clerk of Wayne County

PARTY: Democrat

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/GPThompson4WCCC


HOME COUNTY: Wayne County

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My name is Gary Paul Thompson, my civil service began at the age of eleven when I walked to school in Radnor, WV each morning to build a fire in the stove. My father had worked in the mines but passed away leaving my mother a widow with 5 children. The money I earned went towards my family’s grocery store bill. I know what it is to work hard, fight and scrape for everything I have, as do most voters in Wayne County. Please step up and step out on May 8th. I would greatly appreciate your vote.

AGE: 67

EDUCATION: 1968 Graduate of Wayne High School

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Former Union Laborer and Wayne County Magistrate.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Former Member of Labor Local 543, Electrical Local 317 and Cement Mason Local 925. I was formally elected as Magistrate of Wayne County in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Wayne County Community Service Organization

FAMILY: My wife Danae and I share five children, Monica, Andi, Leigh, Gary David and Shelby. We also have five grandchildren, Kaleb, Kyler, Karli, Timmy and Eliza.

1. What experience qualifies you for the office?

I was elected and served as Magistrate of Wayne County in 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000. My experience includes hearing civil, domestic and criminal cases at the preliminary stage. Having spent several years as a Magistrate gives me a leg up in having knowledge to handle these types of cases as they are filed at the Circuit Court level.

2. What are your suggestions for improving the operation of the office?

Of course there is always room for improvement anywhere. Change can be a good thing. I plan to study the day to day operations in the office and brainstorm with the current staff for suggestions of positive changes. There is a wealth of knowledge within the current staff, that would be a big advantage walking into the job.

3. Would you make any changes to make fees for court documents reflect actual costs?

I don’t know that I could change any of the cost to the public, because all fees are set by legislation.