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Entertainers, Former Gang Members Issue Appeal For Peace Among Street Gangs

November 9, 1986 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Entertainers joined former street gang members in making the second broadcast appeal in a month for peace among the city’s rival gangs.

Community activists joined singers Barry White, Jermaine Jackson and others Friday during a three-hour ″Peace Day″ broadcast on radio station KDAY, which aired its first anti-gang program Oct. 10.

Guests on the show, which was broadcast from a gymnasium at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club in south-central Los Angeles before an audience of about 100 people, stressed family and community involvement as an alternative to gang violence.


Some members of the audience said Friday’s broadcast could help quell gang violence.

″It may not change all the gangsters’ minds, but I think it will help the majority,″ said Shay Gilbert, a 16-year-old junior at Fairfax High School.

The radio shows are part of an effort by police and residents of the south- central area, where many of the city’s 400 gangs have staked out territory. Violence in the area has resulted in 134 gang-related deaths in the first nine months of this year. Police recorded 111 such deaths in all of 1985.

About 40 members from seven gangs recently signed a peace treaty under which they pledged to lay down their weapons and ″stop killing each other,″ Herman ″Maniac″ Hartman, 21, a former member of the Crips gang.

The treaty, conceived by several young men involved in a city street maintenance project, seeks to declare ″a season of peace″ from Thanksgiving through Christmas.