GOP must win to keep America great -- Vince Caruso

September 30, 2018 GMT

The midterm elections are very important for both the Republicans and Democrats.

If Republicans can hold their congressional majorities, it means more jobs will be available, more money for all people, more tax cuts for everyone, more security at the border, and more money in your 401K.

If Democrats win, it would mean just the opposite. It would start with the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The Democrats would try to take America back to when the middle class would not get tax cuts. They would also give us open borders so whoever wants to cross into our country can do so. We would have fewer jobs, and America would be left where President Barack Obama had us when he left office -- in worse shape.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is ongoing, with no evidence of any collusion with the Russians. The real point of the Mueller investigation is to exonerate Hillary Clinton from any crimes that she committed and cover up any of the FBI’s involvement.

President Trump promised during his run for president that he would make America great again, and he has done it. A just God presides over the destinies of nations.

Vince Caruso, Madison