David Beckham not involved in wife’s work

September 11, 2017 GMT

David Beckham doesn’t get involved in his wife’s work.

The 42-year-old retired soccer star has been married to fashionista Victoria Beckham - with whom he has three sons Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, and Cruz, 12, as well as daughter Harper, six - since 1999, but despite their close bond, the pair don’t offer each other advice on their respective clothing lines.

David - who is currently working with clothing company Kent & Curwen - said: “I don’t turn round to her and say ‘You probably shouldn’t do that dress in that colour’ and she wouldn’t turn around and say ‘You probably shouldn’t do that jacket with that regatta stripe’.”

The former sportsman also admits 43-year-old Victoria won’t even comment on his hairstyle, as the only member of their family brave enough to do so is the eldest son Brooklyn.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “The only one who will remark on my hair would be Brooklyn. At the moment he’s like ‘Really, man-bun, are you sure?’”

David and Victoria’s decision to stay out of one another’s professional lives may come as a shock to some fans of the pair, as former Spice Girl Victoria recently admitted she is a bit of a “control freak”.

She said: ”[I do] smile and laugh a lot, [but I am a] control freak. I always want to be the best, whether that’s designing an amazing collection or being the best mum, the best wife.”

And Victoria also recently said she’s be a “lunatic” without David and their brood around to keep her grounded.

She added: ”[I’d] probably have been a bit of lunatic [without my family]. You can’t be a diva and you have to keep it real. Back in the Spice Girls days you’d hear about singers who wanted their dressing rooms filled with certain flowers and packed with white kittens ... good god, it’s not the Nineties!”