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Road rage led to stabbing, documents say

April 27, 2019

A stabbing at the downtown Shell gas station started with a road rage incident.

Thursday around 4:32 p.m., Charles A. Swagart, 35, of the 900 block of West Jefferson Boulevard, stabbed the victim after he jumped out of a vehicle parked at the McDonald’s restaurant across Fairfield Avenue, court documents said.

The driver of the car in which Swagart was riding said he was driving southbound on Fairfield when he was cut off by the victim’s father.

Swagart was charged Friday with battery by means of a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon, court documents.

According to witnesses, Swagart crossed the street carrying a knife and yelling at the victim’s father who had just pulled into the Shell station.

As he approached the victim’s father, Swagart was yelling “learn how to drive” along with expletives, witnesses said.

An argument ensued between Swagart and the victim’s father, and the victim attempted to intervene. Swagart is seen on video swinging his right arm with the knife into the victim’s back, court documents said.

The victim walked away holding his back as Swagart held the knife as if he might swing again and took several steps toward the victim.

The victim had told Swagart to leave his father alone. The victim then said Swagart told him “I’ll stab you” and “I’ll stick you if you get in my way,” according to court documents.

The victim said he saw blood dripping from behind him and his father then drove him to the hospital.

Swagart was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $12,500 bail. He has a court hearing Tuesday.