Obama takes credit for Donald Trump’s ‘economic miracles’: ‘Remember who started it’

October 22, 2018 GMT

Former President Barack Obama took credit Monday afternoon for what he called the “economic miracles” happening under President Trump.

In a speech to Nevada Democrats, Mr. Obama derided Mr. Trump, without naming him in that clip, as merely being handed off a booming economy by the previous president and contrasted that with his own inheritance on the economy.

“By the time I left office wages were rising ... poverty was falling and that’s what I handed off to the next guy,” he said before chuckling. “So when you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it. Remember who started it! C’mon!”


Former President @BarackObama: “When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it.“Full video here: https://t.co/UKtPQDlkQR pic.twitter.com/vYDuJIhF5z CSPAN (@cspan) October 22, 2018

The Democratic rally then interrupted his address with a standing ovation.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin was less impressed, throwing another of Mr. Obama’s lines back at him in reaction to that clip.

“You didn’t build that @BarackObama. Sit. Down,” she wrote on Twitter.

You didn’t build that @BarackObama Sit. Down. https://t.co/uyhohNcvEJ Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 22, 2018

Another conservative on Twitter noted that when he was in office, Obama administration officials had implied that the growth rates America is seeing in 2018 were a thing of the past.

“But I thought 1-2% GDP was the new normal and we’d never see huge growth again?!? Who could’ve known,” wrote “BackFeminism.”

But I thought 1-2% GDP was the new normal and wed never see huge growth again?!? Who couldve known. What do I put here 🤷♀️ (@BackFeminism) October 22, 2018

Mr. Obama drew an unfavorable comparison with former President George W. Bush, his own predecessor, and invited his audience to see a pattern.

“When I walked into office 10 years ago, we were in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. That was the last time that the other party was in charge of things,” he said. “I just hope people kinda notice that every time there’s a pattern that every time, they run things into ground and we have to come back and clean things up.”

He credited his own administration’s actions including tax increases and Obamacare for starting the current economic boom.

“Because of the work we did ... we got the economy rolling again. We started the longest streak of job creation on record ... we brought housing back,” he said, noting to his audience that Nevada was one of the states worst-hit by the subprime-mortgage crisis that precipitated the 2008-09 recession.


“We cut our deficits by more than half partly by making sure the wealthiest Americans folks like me paid their fair share of taxes,” he maintained.

But at the start of the clip posted by CSPAN, he ventured back into the field of psychologizing his political opposition similar to his 2008 remarks about the Midwestern working class bitterly clinging to their guns and religion.

“The world’s going through big changes economic changes, demographic changes, technological changes that challenge who we are,” he said. “What happens is that people get scared and when they get scared, they backlash against progress.”