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Wolf Burger Makes Debut in Kuwait, Set to Feed Troops in Next War

March 7, 1991 GMT

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait (AP) _ The Wolf Burger has made its debut in Kuwait City and the U.S. military is set to enshrine its answer to Big Macs and Whoppers in short-order kitchens that will feed American GIs in the next war.

Mobile fast-food stands called Wolf Mobiles, serving free Wolf Burgers, hot dogs, french fries and sodas, have been the biggest success of military cuisine in recent months.

The brainchild of Chief Warrant Officer 4 Wesley Wolf, the fast-food trailers started popping up across Saudi Arabia after Thanksgiving.

Bored with the military’s pre-packaged or dehydrated meals, soldiers lined up by the hundreds for the new fare.

Wolf said the Army’s current thinking about wartime food focuses on survival rather than enjoyment, but the fast-food operations will be part of a major revamping of military fare.

″We’re going to put together some type of short-order field kitchen that can go out because of the popularity of this thing,″ the 43-year-old food czar for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm said Wednesday.

His newest Wolf Mobile, parked at the headquarters of Task Force Freedom - the U.S. military’s emergency program to help restore basic services in Kuwait -opened Tuesday and by late Wednesday had dished out more than 1,500 hamburgers.

″These are great after eating MREs for so long,″ said Maj. John Gilchrist, 36, of Burlington, Conn., referring to the pre-packaged Meals- Ready-To-Eat - a version of World War II and Vietnam War C-rations.

″A Wolf burger and a good shower - that’s all we need.″

Pfc. Wilbur Leslie, of Green Bay, Wis., who turned 20 today, said Wolf Burgers are tastier than MREs, but ″the menu looks better than the food actually does.″

The menu at the new Wolf Mobile, nicknamed Fields Grill after the man who runs it - Staff Sgt. Henry Fields, 43, of Riverdale, Md. - features one Wolf Burger, one hot dog, french fries and soda.

Wolf, of Monterey, Calif. is set to open two more Wolf Mobiles in Kuwait City and he laments he didn’t get one to Iraq before hostilities ended.

He did, however, cater Sunday’s cease-fire talks between U.S. commander Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf and Iraqi Lt. Gen. Sultan Hasheem Ahmad.