Man attempts to breach elephant exhibit at Milwaukee zoo

April 8, 2021 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A man accused of climbing over a fence at the Milwaukee County Zoo’s elephant enclosure is facing a trespassing charge.

Sheriff’s officials detained the man after zoo security called deputies Wednesday afternoon. The man was escorted from the property.

Authorities said the man wanted to impress his daughter and climbed over a locked fenced area in the outdoor elephant exhibit. He started climbing over a secondary fence, but zoo officials say he never made it into the enclosure.

The man “never shared space with two of the Zoo’s African elephants who were outside at the time,” zoo officials said.


The incident took place nearly three weeks after a California man was arrested and charged after he was caught inside the San Diego Zoo’s elephant habitat with his 2-year-old daughter.

Witness video shows a man dropping the child as they flee the enclosure as an elephant charged at them. The man picked up the toddler and was able to get her out safely.