Kelly Rowland’s job criteria

April 30, 2017 GMT

Kelly Rowland takes on jobs so that she can feed her son.

The 36-year-old singer may have made a name for herself as one third of Destiny’s Child but she has admitted she can’t be fussy about what projects - even if they aren’t music related - she agrees to now because she needs a constant flow of money to ensure her two-year-old son Titan and her husband Tim Witherspoon don’t go hungry.

Speaking on Australia’s ‘The Fix’, the ‘Voice Australia’ coach said: “When it comes to now, career definitely takes the lead because I have a mouth to feed. I want to make sure [Titan] is satisfied and well taken care of... that he has an even better situation, with his age and growing up and surroundings, than what I had when I was a kid.”

And it’s not just the curly-haired babe who has that view as she has admitted her former bandmate Beyonce - who already has five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with her husband Jay Z and twins on the way - has the same outlook when it comes to work.

She explained: “For us [when they were in Destiny’s Child in the 90s], it was always career first - but we were so lucky to have each other along the way.”

Meanwhile, when she’s not busy working on TV or penning an album, Kelly likes to pour her attention into Titan because spending time with her son takes her back to her childhood.

She said previously: “It’s been awesome actually. Even when he’s playing in puddles, this is a new puddle to him, so when he looks at it, I look at it as an opportunity to be silly, to experience rain, like what that was like for me as a kid.

“We jump in the puddles and we get all wet, we’re silly, and we have that moment. You experience nature and allow yourself to be a kid again.”