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Resurge Supplement: Benefits or Side Effects?

May 22, 2020 GMT

Resurge is a dietary and nutritional weight loss support supplement developed to attack Leptin resistance, detoxify the body, and burn fat in a bid to enhance good body shape and boost the bodys energy levels. While meal plans, diet, gym membership, intermittent fasting, and exercise have proved to be ineffective in enabling a long-term weight loss goal, Resurge changes the narrative by attacking the root cause of belly and body fat Leptin resistance.

Resurge was specifically developed to prevent overweight people from becoming Leptin resistant, thus helping them to get back in shape. This weight loss supplement improves the appetite and digestive system while regulating glucose and insulin levels.


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What makes Resurge so efficient?

Resurge works by: Detoxifying the Body of HarmfulToxins: Toxic chemicals like EDCs and BPA are inhaled and consumed through pollution, plastics, junks, and bad water. Upon entering the body system, these toxins clog the liver, pollute the bloodstream, and interfere with the bodys weight loss process. As these toxins create resistance to weight loss, the efforts placed on regular weight loss schemes, meal plans, and exercise becomes almost unnoticeable. This supplement detoxifies these toxins, thus helping the body to melt excess fat quickly.

Controlling Leptin Resistance: The fat cells produce Leptin in an excessive amount due to an increased presence of BPAs in the body system. When this happens, the Leptin hormone will become inefficient in sending a signal to the brain. When the brain receives no information, the body continues to crave for more food. This weight loss supplement controls Leptin resistance and makes the Leptin hormone function better.

Suppressing The ConsumersAppetite: When Leptin resistance is controlled, the brain receives a signal that says Stop Eating. Continuous intake of this supplement suppresses the consumers appetite, controls bad eating habit, improves insulin functionality, maintain overall health, and ultimately contributes to weight loss.

Leptin, also called satiety or starvation hormone, is a hormone produced by the bodys fat cells to help reduce fat storage and cravings for food. When the body has stored enough fat, the Leptin hormone tells the brain to stop eating. More so, Leptin aids in long term regulation of energy and oversees the amount of fat stored in the body. When the Leptin level is low, the body craves for food, and when the Leptin level is high, a signal of satisfaction is sent to the hypothalamus. Leptin controls when to eat and how much to eat. So when food is eaten, the body fat increases, and Leptin levels increase. Conversely, when food is not eaten, the body fat reduces, and Leptin levels decrease.


Overweight people and people with a high amount of body and belly fat have very high levels of Leptin. While it is expected that their hormone should signal that they have enough energy stored, their Leptin signal may not be functional. This condition, known as Leptin resistance, is known to be the leading biological cause of the accumulation of body and belly fat. Since the brain doesnt receive a signal from the Leptin hormone, the body keeps requesting for food, causing the body to store more than enough energy.

Usually, nutritionists and dieticians advise obese people to opt for weight loss meal plans, gym membership, exercise, and even intermittent fasting. Unfortunately, these plans fail to promote long term weight loss due to the presence of Leptin resistance in the body system.

Unlike other supplements and dietary lifestyle, This supplement attacks Leptin Resistance, helps consumers correct the Leptin hormone levels in their body, and balances the body systems standards. By correcting the Leptins balance, random food cravings are alleviated. It also detoxifies toxins (EDCs and BPAs) that enter the body and disrupt the bodys usual process. As these toxins alter the way the body consumes food and increase energy storage in fat tissues, it restricts their activities and alleviates their impact on the body system.

This supplement is made from safe, secure, and effective all-natural ingredients. As the supplement is made from natural plants and herbs, it poses no danger to consumers health. The ingredients used in producing the supplement have been studied and known to be FDA approved. The supplement is not only safe to take but also has no side effects.

The ingredients include:

Grape Seed ingredient assists in the removal of the harmful EDCs in the body. Extracts from grape seed also inhibit fat deposits, reduces the absorption of fat, boosts energy, and pump up metabolic rate. Jujube is not only rich in fiber, but it is also low in calories. This ingredient balances Leptin levels, detoxifies the EDCs in the body, suppresses hunger, reduce lipids levels, reduces the amount of fat in the body, and increases the bodys energy. Alfalfa is used to stabilize and normalize cholesterol levels in the body. Not only does it contain a low amount of calories, but it also includes nutrients useful for enabling weight loss. Garcinia is a tropical fruit known to block the bodys ability to make fat. It normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels, but it also suppresses consumers appetite. Marian Thistle lowers cholesterol levels and supports weight loss. It is useful in flushing out the presence of EDCs in the body. Barberry contains properties that assist in the conversion of glucose into the energy of the brain. This fruit balances the bodys system and boosts the brains health.

Chanca Piedra herb lowers blood sugar, supports detoxification and weight loss by enabling healthy digestions, good kidney function, and by fighting inflammation.

The bioactive compounds in Taraxacum leave help to reduce blood sugar, support weight loss, and maintenance. It supports good bone health and makes the liver free of toxins. Apium Graveoleon Seed Cabbage Bug Burdock Root Choline Chicory root Green Tea Extract

A 2016 study found in the National Library of Medicine revealed that Marian Thistle plays a vital role in lowering cholesterol levels in people with diabetes than those who took a placebo. Another study carried it on Garcinia Cambogia suggested the herb to be effective in reducing belly weight. Another study carried out on 15 people revealed that eating 40grams of Alfalfa seeds thrice a day reduced total cholesterol by 17% and bad cholesterol by 18%. A study on Taraxacum leaves also revealed that the herb contains specific properties that improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce fat absorption. Another study published by the Journal of Natural Remedies revealed the extract of Jujube leaves to be excellent for suppression of hunger and weight loss.

Some people using it, claim:

Peter: For years, I was searching for the reason I was tired, sluggish, and struggled with losing weight. Now, it all makes sense. Just a few days after taking it, my tiredness disappeared. I look and feel younger, and yes, Ive lost over 23lbs so far. Thank you, Morgan.

Michael Bower:For the first time in my life, I have targeted fat in areas of my body, I thought it was impossible. My sugar cravings are gone, and my appetite has decreased dramatically. I feel more energetic and fitter. I am even finding movement and exercise more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Clarissa: After having four kids and being over 50, I fully believed I could never feel young and slim again. Well, that isnt true, thanks to it! I am now able to focus better, I am 100x more active, and my energy and mood are incredible. I am in shock with how fast and easy the weight is melting off. Now, I am in full control of my hunger. I am hooked!

Resurge restores the bodys natural Leptin and hunger response. It identifies and attacks the underlying biological factor responsible for increased weight gain without having any adverse effect on the body system. It replaces starvation diets, hours of high-intensity cardio with a balanced diet, and improved body health. Overall this supplement may have benefits but also some low side effects.

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