Legislator sues for defamation over reviews of law practice

June 27, 2019 GMT

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A Delaware legislator has filed a defamation lawsuit against two “John Doe” defendants after negative reviews of his law practice were posted online.

Rep. Sean Lynn filed the lawsuit earlier this month after Google reviews were posted several months ago by people identifying themselves as “Frank Edwards” and “funny Man1979.”

One post simply says “bad lawyer.”

The other says Lynn, who often deals with Family Court issues, “cares nothing about the children and only about his own pocket.”

“Tells his clients to lie even at the cost of the children’s best interests. Low of low... Needs to be investigated for bad practices,” the review states.


Lynn responded online by saying neither reviewer was ever a client, and that one posted because he objects to Lynn’s political positions as a legislator.