Burt Reynolds fans will enjoy ‘Last Movie Star’

April 26, 2018 GMT

Movies & More reviewer John Gillispie shares his thoughts on “The Last Movie Star,” which is rated R and available on DVD.

Burt Reynolds gives a solid acting performance as an aging movie star coming to terms with the way his life has turned out.

Reynolds stars as Vic Edwards who is invited to a film festival in Nashville to be honored with a lifetime achievement award. In a small role, Chevy Chase plays Sonny, who encourages Vic to travel to the event.

The film festival turns out to be operated by a sincere group of fans who are working with an extremely low budget. In fact, the film festival takes place in a bar. Edwards is a good sport at first before getting drunk and insulting everyone at the festival.

Ariel Winter co-stars as Lil McDougal, who is the sister of film festival organizer Doug (Clark Duke). Lil, who is having some romantic problems, is given the task of being Vic’s driver while he is in town for the festival.

After the disastrous first night, Vic asks Lil to drive him to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he visits his childhood home. The trip includes an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel suite and a visit to Vic’s first wife Claudia (Kathleen Nolan), who is in a nursing home.

In “The Last Movie Star” Vic interacts with footage of his younger self in a few scenes as the movie uses clips from Reynolds’ own film career. The movie also uses some talk show appearances and photos of the real Reynolds when looking back at Edwards’ career. Fans of Reynolds will most likely appreciate this film and the actor’s performance in it. Winter is also good in her role as a young woman who comes to realize that she can learn something from the life experiences of an older gentleman she has just met.

John Gillispie is the public relations director for the Huntington Museum of Art.