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Bright and Brief

July 3, 1989 GMT

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. (AP) _ Lisa Robertson wondered just how warm her welcome would be when she returned to her hometown last week after winning the Miss Tennessee title.

This southeastern Tennessee town, after all, is dominated by the Seventh- day Adventist church, which discourages not only the wearing of jewelry and makeup, but also any secular activities on Saturday, the church’s day of worship.

And here was Miss Robertson, herself a church member, winning a pageant held on a Saturday night while decked out in a sparkling tiara and vivid cosmetics.


But she needn’t have worried.

″There were balloons on my driveway, a huge banner across the house, and fire trucks escorted me in,″ Miss Robertson said Sunday. ″I was given a key to the city and a plaque as an honored alumnus of Southern College.″ The school is a Seventh-day Adventist college.

Miss Robertson, 23, acknowledged that some residents in this town outside Chattanooga probably don’t approve of her involvement in the Miss America Pageant.

″But they haven’t spoken up. And it doesn’t violate my conscience at all,″ she said. ″It doesn’t bother me to things on Saturday. I’ve come to my own peace about that.″

As Miss Tennessee, she gets a crack at the Miss America crown in September’s pageant.