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Evers is proving to be a disaster -- Michael Kauper

February 24, 2019 GMT

Tony Evers has only been governor of Wisconsin for less than then two months, and he is already proving to be a disaster for Wisconsin taxpayers.

Gov. Evers flubbed of his oath of office -- saying the word “uphold” instead of “support.” That should have been a warning to all of us. Just in the last couple of weeks, he has put the Foxconn project at risk by asking for needless investigations into environmental permits. He has proposed a gas tax increase -- we already pay 32.9 cents per gallon, which is more than in most states. He vetoed a middle-class tax cut that would return over $588 million to taxpayers, and he proposed raising taxes on small businesses while outlining lots of spending that could lead to a deficit.

I knew he was going to be a disaster, but this train wreck is happening faster than I expected.

Michael Kauper, Middleton