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National Emergency At The White House

February 8, 2019 GMT

Editor: Imagine what a great president Trump could really be if only the Democrats would stop playing “obstructionist make-believe.” Why, for instance, do the Democrats have to insist that the recent shutdown was actually the Trump shutdown? We all saw, with our own eyes, when Trump threatened to shut down the government. And how about the Democratic claim that hundreds of thousands of Americans were not happy to go without pay, just so they could show their admiration for the Trump tactics? How ridiculous was that claim? It was probably even more ridiculous for the Democrats to claim that Nancy Pelosi had finally given Trump the ultimate lesson in “The Art of the Deal.” Insane, right? Then there was the claim about national security — after watching all of our chief intelligence officers, live, during their testimony to Congress, who could possibly suggest that all of them were not in complete agreement with Trump’s assessment on Russia, China, ISIS, Syria, etc.? Only someone dangerously bordering on crazy, right? And so, if and when Trump finally decides to declare a national emergency, these nutty Democrats will probably deny that too. Honestly, have they been watching what’s been going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? If that doesn’t qualify as a national emergency, nothing does. Andrea Glod WILKES-BARRE