Local venue hosting out-of-town folk musicians

October 7, 2017 GMT

HARLINGEN — The Prelude has two big gigs coming into town.

We sat down with The Prelude owner Angel Corsi to find out about the music guests and what the venue has to offer.

Q: How exciting is it to have Heather Styka and Ordnary Elephant coming to perform at The Prelude?

A: They are finalists from the song writing festival Kerrville Folk Festival. Heather was one of the finalists this year. They are up-and-coming artists you have to pay attention to. Saturday is Heather Styka. She is from Chicago and is currently touring the country. She will be making her debut in Harlingen. She has never been to Harlingen before. We are hoping for a nice, warm welcome.

Ordinary Elephant has been all over. They travel around and perform. And they are happening on Wednesday.

We do prefer you RSVP for the shows because we assume the seats are going to get filled up.

Q: Describe their song writing and their sound?

A: This Saturday with Heather Stiyka, she very much has that classic sound. Her music is very vocal heavy and the lyrics are super important. If you are into poetry and lyrics and writing and you’re into cinema, she really paints the scene for you.

Ordinary Elephant is more like bluegrass, down home, soulful stuff. There are some beautiful lyrics there, too. They are folk finalists but musically it’s something different and a little up beat. They have a banjo and its something you don’t really see in the Valley.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about The Prelude?

A: The Prelude is three main things. We’re a guitar shop and we’re a listening room music venue focused for singer-song writers. We are the only listening room in the Valley. We are a place where original artists love to come and we want to stay at that standard. The last thing we are is the song writers club. It’s all about artist development.

Q: How often do you have live performances here?

A: We have live music Thursday through Sunday. Thursday is music night. Sometimes we change it to poetry night or game night. Essentially, we have live music Thursday though Sunday.


WHAT: Heather Styka, New folk Finalist

WHEN: Tonight, Doors Open at 7 p.m., Showtime at 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Prelude at 113 East Jackson Ave.

WHAT: Ordinary Elephant,: New Folk Finalist WHEN: Oct. 11 (Wednesday) Doors Open at 7 p.m., Showtime at 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Prelude at 113 East Jackson Ave.

Bring Your Own Wine. Free Admission. RSVP if possible. Limited Seating. Call: (956) 335-5173