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KHT format an attraction for local fans

December 27, 2018

There seems to be two trains of thought when it comes to forming a field of participants for a holiday high school basketball tournament.

In Pontiac, the 88th Pontiac Holiday Tournament will begin play Thursday. As has always been the case, the field features some of the finest programs in Illinois, and the majority of the 16 competing schools hail from the greater Chicagoland area.

Meanwhile, in Kankakee, the 69th annual Kankakee Holiday Tournament also begins Thursday. For the last several years, organizers have taken a different approach than Pontiac.

The 16 participating teams are split into two eight-team fields, one of which features schools with smaller enrollments and one that has schools with larger enrollments. Nine of the 16 teams included represent area schools, including seven of the eight in the smaller division.

Pontiac obviously has a successful formula, but the same can be said of Kankakee’s different approach. With so many area schools in the field, the gym is busting with activity from start to finish each day, and the tournament does not only provide an entertaining basketball venue, it also provides a location where many reunions can take place between people who might see each other only once per year.

We commend Kankakee school district officials for the manner in which the tournament is ran these days and encourage you to get over there and enjoy it between Thursday and Saturday. More details can be found in the Sports section.

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