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CoolAir Reviews Discuss a new Air Conditioner and its Discount Details

June 29, 2020 GMT

Miami, Florida, United States, June 29 2020 (Wiredrelease) Health Spotlight CoolAir is a portable air conditioner that makes surviving the intense summer heat possible without costing a fortune. Its small size and the fact that it doesnt require any installation is perfect for using it practically anywhere as long as its an enclosed space.

Why do we need it?

While some areas may be blessed with all-round pleasant weather, some places have it rough with unbearable summers. The heat makes it extremely hard to remain comfortable and it only seems to get worse every year thanks to global warming.

Now, to combat that, people use air conditioners. They may get the job done but they have some problems of their own which most people are just not ready to face. Theyre expensive to buy in the first place, theyre complicated to install and usually require a technician (additional cost of that as well), and they result in huge electricity bills due to their higher than normal power consumption.


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Apart from that, their emissions result in global warming which will only make things worse in the future. CoolAir seems to fix all of these problems. For starters, its quite affordable, much more than a traditional air conditioner (Price discussed at the end). Secondly, theres literally no step required for installation as the unit is postable.

Just place it in a suitable location with a power socket nearby and its ready to be used. Lastly, CoolAir only consumes 350W, compared to 3500-5000W of a traditional air conditioner, which results in much-reduced electricity bills. Now, this does mean that CoolAir isnt as powerful as a traditional AC but its more than enough if the room is small.

Features Functionality

As mentioned earlier, CoolAir works by just being plugged into a power socket and being placed at an ideal location. However, theres a little bit more to that. It works by cooling down the temperature of air with water, which is why it needs to be refilled. However, each refill results in an 8-hour cooling so thats not something to worry about.

Here are some of the features of CoolAir that help it achieve what it does:

Variable Fan Speed: The fan thats used to blow air from the device to the room is adjustable. There are 3 speeds to choose from depending on how much cooling is required. At the highest speed, it takes just 60 seconds for the room to start cooling down.

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USB Power: CoolAir needs to be plugged into work. Fortunately, it uses a USB connector, which means in case a power socket isnt available, it can be used by plugging in a laptop or even a car.


Portability: It has been mentioned before that the Coolair is portable. It measures inches meaning its a perfect cube and is small enough to fit anywhere. The small size also makes it easy to carry around, which makes it possible to use it in multiple rooms as moving it requires less energy.

Adjustable Air Flow: The grilles in front of CoolAir are fully adjustable which means that the airflow coming out of the device can be directed precisely where its needed. For something as affordable, it is a great deal for this adjustment to be included.

Refillable Water Tank: As mentioned earlier, CoolAir requires water in order to cool down the air. For that it has a 300ml water tank that is easily refillable. One tank lasts about 8 hours of continuous cooling.

LED Mood Lights: This might be a surplus feature and might exactly not be needed. However, for those who appreciate it, CoolAir comes with an LED mood light with 7 different colors. It can be useful for setting the mood of the room according to ones liking.

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The whole cooling process is virtually silent which means it wont be a bother if anyone is trying to sleep.

Due to low power consumption, electricity bills are greatly reduced which makes it more affordable to run compared to traditional ACs.

It is ultra-portable which makes it easy to carry around and use in multiple places instead of being fixed in one room.

It is easy to set up and requires zero skill to operate let alone a technician.

It comes at a price thats affordable for most people who couldnt afford traditional air conditioners in their homes.


As mentioned earlier, CoolAir isnt as powerful as a traditional AC which means it can only work effectively in smaller rooms.

Since it uses water to cool down the air, it can humidify the room. Now, that usually isnt an issue but for most areas, the summers can be humid and it wont be helping there.

It is only available on its official website which means it cant be bought at a store.

Price, Availability Verdict

CoolAir is available in 5 different packages based on how many units are bought together. The prices have a limited time 50% discount at the time this article is written. The discounted prices corresponding to the packages are: 1 unit for only $89, 2 units for $139, 3 for $177 and there are more.

The more units bought together, the cheaper it will cost per unit, which makes the last deal the best value for money. Regardless, whatever deal is chosen, the prices are both reasonable and affordable. As far as the small issue of availability is concerned, CoolAir might only be available on its website, however, this eliminates any fear of getting a fake product. It exchanges a minor inconvenience for the peace of mind.

Overall, for what it is and what it is capable of doing, CoolAir is definitely worth the money and is definitely worth the buy if it suits the aforementioned needs. It is recommended to buy CoolAir from its Official Website only.

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