‘Killing Reagan’ Film Suddenly More Timely with Hinckley’s Release

July 31, 2016


The recent news about the release of John Hinckley Jr. has made the film “Killing Reagan” unexpectedly timely.

Airing Oct. 16 on the National Geographic Channel, “Killing Reagan” explores how the 1981 assassination attempt on Reagan affected his presidency. Based on the book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, the film stars Tim Matheson as Reagan, Cynthia Nixon as Nancy Reagan, and Kyle S. More as Hinckley.

Last week, a judge ruled that Hinckley, who shot Reagan, his Press Secretary James Brady and two Secret Service agents, can soon be released from a Washington psychiatric hospital to live full-time with his 90-year-old mother in Williamsburg.

At the TV critics press tour, panelists representing the show were asked for their reaction to the Hinckley news.

“He’s not coming to the premiere. I can tell you that,” director Rod Lurie replied, with a smile.

“Nancy wouldn’t like it,” Nixon added.

Lurie noted that while some Reagan family members aren’t happy with the recent decision, the original judge 34 year ago said Hinckley should remain confined “until such time as no longer mentally ill and no longer a danger. And in this country we don’t extend confinements, willy-nilly, because he shot an American President.”

More, who plays Hinckley, pointed out that the Secret Service has said, “he’s never going to be really free; they’re always going to have one eye out.”