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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Squirrel AI Learning Won the GITEX 2019 Best Education Technology Award

October 23, 2019 GMT

DUBAI, Oct. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In October 2019, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) 2019 was grandly opened in Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates. As the largest communication and information technology exhibition in the Middle East and the third largest in the world, this exhibition took 5G, future travel, artificial intelligence, fashion life technology and smart city as its core contents, exceeded previous years in scale, and attracted more than 4,000 enterprises and more than 100,000 professional visitors from over 140 countries and regions around the world.

In addition to inviting internationally renowned enterprise executives and technology leaders to show product innovations around the world, this year’s GITEX conference also defines the latest trend by giving awards to the most innovative technology startups. Ben Goertzel, the founder and CEO of SingularityNET Foundation, Safder Nazir, the regional vice president of digital industry strategy of Huawei, Eric S. Yuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, and many other industry leaders attended this IT event to witness this moment and applaud the honored enterprises.

It is worth noting that in the event, which gathered the world’s top Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Huawei, the leading enterprise of artificial intelligence education in China, Squirrel AI Learning stood out and won the “2019 Best Technology Infrastructure Award,” one of the highest honors in GITEX 2019 education category.

Squirrel AI Learning made a stunning appearance in Dubai:

No matter in any corner of the world, it has been difficult for human beings to achieve a balance between the large-scale and personalization of education for thousands of years. The scarcity of high-quality resources has always been a problem that bothers all parents and students. How to achieve the real “Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude” and personalized education, has always been paid much attention.

Known as the transportation hub between the East and the West, and the place among “Two oceans, three continents and five seas,” the Middle East is constantly in turmoil due to the competition for various precious resources all year round. People in this region believe that “Education is the only thing that can prosper the country,” and they also attach great importance to educational resources and talent cultivation. Therefore, during the event, Squirrel AI Learning received extensive attention and generated exciting discussion at its first appearance.

In the global education industry, Squirrel AI Learning, developed by Yixue Education Group, a leader in AI education, has been committed to promoting innovation in the education industry, and focusing on providing personalized education for students with artificial intelligence technology. Specifically speaking, the intelligent adaptive education uses AI to simulate the experience of excellent teachers, locate each student’s knowledge and weaknesses in their skills, and provide efficient and personalized learning programs to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

The stunning appearance of Squirrel AI Learning is very reasonable. At present, Squirrel AI Learning has achieved five “global innovations,” including knowledge point decompositions at the nano-level, decompositions of learning ability and learning method, confrontation model, association probability of the world’s first non-related knowledge points, and knowledge map reconstruction of wrong causes, etc.

Squirrel AI Learning intelligent adaptive system can not only explore students’ ability boundaries, but also configure thousands of learning plans for each student’s portrait, which can solve problems including learning goals, learning paths and learning contents, so that the students’ problems can be solved better.

Furthermore, after learning about the practical results of human-machine competitions of Squirrel AI Learning in the past five years, partners in various countries have given higher appraisal and appreciation to Squirrel AI Learning. According to the introduction, Squirrel AI Learning has done 6 human-machine competitions, analyzed and compared the differences between Squirrel AI Learning intelligent adaptive learning system and real teachers’ teaching, and the results of the six competitions are surprisingly consistent, all of which are that the teaching effectiveness of Squirrel AI System outperforms that of the real teachers’. Taking the fourth hundred-city-scale human-machine competition as an example, students with the same level of knowledge were divided into two groups to receive the teaching of real teachers and Squirrel AI Learning respectively. From the results, Squirrel AI Learning has basically approached or exceeded the personalized teaching of real people. It proves that making no social distinctions in teaching + teaching without fixed methods + teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is the essence of education.

Towards the World: Artificial Intelligence Makes Education More Equal

As an important driving force to lead a new round of technological revolution and industry transformation, artificial intelligence is reconstructing the world’s industrial and economic ecology, and the field of education is no exception. In the field of education, AI can break the imbalance of educational resources and improve students’ learning efficiency. Therefore, in recent years, the combination of artificial intelligence with self-adaptive education has shown rapid development trend, and the world-renowned intelligent adaptive education platforms such as Knewton, Smart Sparrow, Squirrel AI Learning have prospered, which are disruptive innovations of the traditional education model from various aspects.

As the first primary and secondary education brand focusing on intelligent adaptive education of artificial intelligence in the Asia Pacific region, Squirrel AI Learning has been committed to providing better personalized education for each child since its establishment. It has developed and owned the first AI learning engine in the Asia Pacific region with complete independent intellectual property rights and advanced algorithms as the core.

So far, Squirrel AI Learning established more than 2,300 offline learning centers in more than 20 provinces. Up to now, Squirrel AI Learning has accumulated about 2 million registered users, covering more than 600 cities and counties in China, with a compound annual growth rate of 500% for three consecutive years.

The rapid market expansion is inseparable from Squirrel AI Learning’s understanding of education, persistence of technological advancements and dedication towards its products. Previously, Squirrel AI Learning invited Professor Tom Mitchell, the godfather of global machine learning and the dean of the former dean of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, to be the chief AI scientist in 2018. As the first person in charge of Squirrel AI Learning artificial intelligence field, Mitchell led a team of more than 10 AI scientists, hundreds of AI application engineers and technical teams to conduct research on artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent adaptive education, development and application of related products. In 2019, Ken Koedinger, the professor in the Department of Computer and Psychology at CMU, director of Research Office at LearnLab and one of the three giants in the American intelligent adaptive education science, officially became the chief learning scientist of Squirrel AI Learning.

In addition to these two top talents in the world, Squirrel AI Learning also has a talented core R&D team, whose scientists come from Knewton, RealizeIt, ALEKS and other global unicorn AI education companies. What’s more, Squirrel AI Learning has set up a laboratory to carry out joint technology development with Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford Research Institute (SRI International), Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other professional academic institutions.

The high-end talent team has laid a solid foundation for the rapid expansion of Squirrel AI Learning in the world. Adhering to the concept of empowering traditional education industry with AI, Squirrel AI Learning is about to bring personalized, large-scale and efficient education services to children in more regions.


Supported by the global influence of this global conference, Squirrel AI Learning will further deepen people’s understanding of intelligent adaptive education in Dubai and even in the Middle East. In the future, Squirrel AI Learning will continue to solve the problem of uneven distribution of teacher resources and difficulty in implementing one-to-one personalized teaching through its strong technical strength and leading advantages, so as to make AI integrate with education and realize the two-way empowerment of AI and education.

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