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December 16, 2017 GMT

FITCHBURG -- What does the inside of Santa’s mailbox look like?

One of the jolly man’s helpers let us take a look.

“Dear Santa, I have a long list so get ready!” begins one letter.

Santa Claus better heed the advice. The page long list is only one of over 200 letters sent to the new Santa’s Mailbox outside the post office on the Upper Common.

Some children are asking Santa for a magic “eight ball” or a “choo-choo train” or a car, phone or, why not, Yeti in my Spaghetti.

In one letter, a Fitchburg child asked for the new Nintendo video game console, the Switch, and “other stuff I don’t have.”


A girl from Fitchburg was more specific, before reining in her wish list.

“Also can I please have a real monkey,” she wrote. “I just realized that real monkey are probaly not aloud in our house. Anyways I would like monkey stuff or an iphone 6.”

It makes you wonder if her parents read the letter before it was sent to the North Pole.

“Please I want a tablet, Play Station, Bicycle, Roller Skate, Sneakers, Chicken(,) Real Dog and Money Amount of $1,000.00,” wrote another.

One writer backed his wishes with reasoning.

“Santa Christmas -- I’d like a new toy cause I like Christmas.”

But Santa isn’t just a gift giver, which many of the boys and girls mentioned in their letters.

“Dear: Santa Claus. Thank you for giving me gifts,” wrote one Fitchburg girl. “I see you all the time in movies and outside Market Basket.”

Some asked to help, others introduced themselves, and a few wanted to know more about the man in the red suit.

Why does he live in the North Pole? What type of cookies does he like? How much does he weigh?

One questioner was ready with the answer.

“Who is your favorite singer (?) is it Elf-is Presly. lol.”

For traveling from the North Pole to Fitchburg, many boys and girls had two words for Kris Kringle: “Thank you.”

“Please thank your elves and reindeers for there hard work to make Christmas magical,” one girl wrote. “Hope you have a very merry x-mas.”

Everyone who sent a letter using Santa’s Mailbox will get a letter back if the address is legible, according to organizers. A slideshow of the letters appears on the Sentinel & Enterprise website. If parents recognize one, message Kristy Cavanaugh Tedeschi on Facebook to correct the address.

The mailbox, new this year, is a community collaboration between At-Large City Councilor Sam Squailia, the Salavtion Army, CJ’s AutoBody, Monty Tech, D&G Custom Graphics, the Fitchburg Department of Public Works, the U.S. Postal Service and Holiday Decorating Committee.

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