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Sewage operator closes doors in Parker over ‘hazardous working conditions’

May 16, 2019 GMT

PARKER -- The operator of the sewer system in Parker had to close its doors over what officials are calling hazardous working conditions.

Joint Venture, which operates the sewer and wastewater treatment system for the Town of Parker and the Colorado River Indian Tribes, has temporarily moved from its office at 1713 S. Kofa Ave. Manager Matt Sandburg said the utility had “issues” at the office, but he declined to provide specifics.

The move was sudden and unexpected. Parker Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer said Wednesday morning that she was not informed of the move, and neither were her staff. She said Town Hall was “swamped” with calls from people asking about the Joint Venture office.


Sanburg said Joint Venture should be in its temporary office for three to four months. After that, it should be ready to move into their new office on Joshua Avenue in Downtown Parker.

The office temporarily moved to 10186 Riverside Drive in the upriver area. Payments are behind directed to a drop box at Parker Town Hall, and calls are being forwarded.

Joint Venture is the only municipal utility jointly operated by a town and a tribal entity in the United States. It receives no tax funds, deriving its revenue from monthly bills.