Vote to support medical pot in state -- Kurt Hase

October 28, 2018 GMT

Marathon County voters will get the opportunity Nov. 6 to weigh in on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Wisconsin.

Sixteen counties and two cities in Wisconsin will be voting on a variety of marijuana legalization ballot measures. These measures have forced many government representatives and candidates to go on the public record about their views on this timely health care matter. It is nice to eradicate vague statements by politicians that they are undecided or still evolving.

Locally, several Democratic candidates, such as Nancy Stencil for state Assembly and Margaret Engebretson for Congress, have stated that they support the legalization of medical marijuana.


Disappointingly, Republicans such as Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wausau, stick with the sketchy argument that marijuana is a “gateway drug,” which will make society worse. Studies and the experience of several states that have legalized medical marijuana tell us otherwise.

The Republican-led Legislature’s refusal to act speaks volumes. That barricade motivated citizens statewide to respond locally and produce ballot measures.

To achieve constructive change on the issues you care about, replace those garden-variety politicians who stand for entrenched obstruction. Vote “yes” on medical marijuana. The future is ours to make, so let’s actually live up to Wisconsin’s motto of “forward” and vote smart.

Kurt Hase, Wausau