Bellevue West

May 13, 2018 GMT

Amiya Johnson

Key Staffer

Journalistic roles: director of video yearbook and Thunderbeat website; previously videographer and photojournalist

College plans: Metro Community College; video/audio communicative arts

Parents: Diamond and Franklin Johnson

About: Amiya has taken the Thunderbeat to new levels of excellence during her time on staff. Her work consistently wins awards at all levels, and her leadership ensured regular publication deadlines.

Scholarships offered at Bellevue West:

Gabriela Alvarez, Creighton founders; UNL Husker Traditions, Nebraska Emerging Leaders, Nebraska Achievement; UNO deans; UNK Loper Achievement, distinguished

Zach Araujo, Northwestern Questbridge

Kyla Balaberda, MCC Board of Governors

Mikayla Beaulieau, IWCC presidential

Matt Bigge, UNL School of Music, honors textbook, regents

Casandra Black, Kansas State College of Agriculture, MSEP, housing incentive; Iowa State ACE

Madeline Breathnach, MCC Board of Governors

Amberly Brtek, Bellevue Kiwanis Club; MCC Board of Governors

Brittney Brtek, MCC Board of Governors

Grace Bryant, UNL Nebraska Emerging, Husker Power; NEST Dear Grandchild; NWMO State Tower, Multicultural, Bearcat; Missouri Western State Governors, out of state, track

Kayle Byrd, Doane Hansen Fellow, softball, presidential; First Responders Foundation

Maya Bullock, UNL regents

Emily Cain, MCC Board of Governors

Daniel Campbell, Concordia soccer

Ethan Caplinger, UNO regents; UNL regents; Creighton founders

Tanner Cardin, Maine swimming/diving, flagship

Jacob Carter, UNO regents; UNL regents

Samantha Chaney, Wayne State leadership

Jonathon Copley, U.S. Naval Academy appointment

Marie Day, Creighton academic, Father Joseph Labaj; UNL Husker Power, Douglas-Sarpy 4-H

Kiley Dinsmore, UNO Maverick Advantage

Emiline Doerr, UNO regents

Joe Dolincheck, Morningside founders, football

Grace Dowling, Creighton founders

Delaney Doyle, First Responders Foundation; Kansas excellence; UNO regents; UNL regents

Karissa Dymond, Creighton Magis; UNL regents, CASNR; UNO regents

Emelyn Escalante, Susan Thompson Buffett

Cecelia Funes Petit, Susan Thompson Buffett

Sara Fogarty, Creighton founders; UNO deans; UNL Husker Traditions, distinguished

Sydney Fogarty, Creighton Roman Shaffel S.J., founders

AJ Forbes, Runza Student of the Week; Chick-fil-A Metro Conference; BJSA

Mariah Griffin, Jerry Needham

Jordan Gross, UNO regents; Iowa State ACE

Franchesca Handlos, UNL Husker living and learning, Husker Power; Creighton founders

Josh Harris, UNL honors textbook, Husker Traditions

Thomas Hart, Air Force JROTC Lt. General James Keck

Genevieve Hawkins, Minnesota National; UNL honors textbook, regents, Husker Traditions

Brittany Horbach, Rotary Club of Omaha West Outstanding Citizen; Bellevue Papillion Rotary Club

Taylore Imhoff, Iowa State ACE, Arlene & Harold Estes Agricultural; UNL David, CASNR

Melissa Irish, Iowa State ACE, Excellence in Agriculture & Life Sciences; DAR Good Citizen Essay

Chase Jablon, Rex & Lois Cadwallader

Alexia Jacobmeier, UNL Husker Power, Olive M (Kier) LaBounty Memorial

Cedric Johnson, Urban League of Nebraska; MCC Board of Governors; Susan Thompson Buffett

Magnolia Johnson, UNO regents; UNK regents

Laura Jurek, Morningside founders

Lauren Jurek, Bellevue softball, freshman achievement, Be a Bruin; BPS Foundation; College of St. Mary softball; York softball

Brianna Kelly, MCC Board of Governors

Cameron Kimble, Leonard Lawrence Elementary School PTA

Matthew Koenigsman, Barton baseball

Amanda Kost, MCC Board of Governors

Alexander Larios-Vasquez, UNL Husker Power, Nebraska Achievement, Emerging Leaders

Nathaly Larios-Vasquez, UNK Loper Achievement; UNL Husker Power, Nebraska Emerging Leaders, Nebraska Achievement, Davis; Bellevue Kiwanis Club; Susan Thompson Buffett

Kelsey Larsen, Bellevue Soccer Club 2018 Bill Brinkman College; UNO regents, ELLC; Rockhurst Breen, regents; Creighton founders, Roman Shaffel S.J.; Knights of Columbus College; VFW Post 10727; Kiwanis Club of Bellevue-Offutt Gus Erickson; Omaha Education Association Foundation; UNL honors textbook, David; Voice of Democracy

Kaitlynn Little, Red Cross

Brandon Lombard, Creighton founders

Alexandra Lopez, UNO CBA BSF Geena Gomez, ELLC, Honors Academy; 2017-18 National Honor Society

Grace Loyselle, College of St. Mary golf

Adonis Mclemore, Wayne State Black and Gold; MCC Board of Governors

Kayla Miller, Susan Thompson Buffett

Jason Moneymaker, Drury soccer

Eric Morris, Bellevue Kiwanis Club

Ireland Murphy, U.S. Air Force ROTC

Koral Myers, Missouri Western State Deans, Edwin & Maybelle McDonald, out-of-state tuition

Tanner Ofe, UNL Husker Power; Wisconsin Whitewater Non Resident

Courtney Owens, Indiana State academic, Midwest Consortium, Laptop/Ipad, presidents; BPS Foundation; UNO chancellor’s

Sara Payne, UNO chancellor’s

Nathan Peterson, UNL Forrest C Blood, honors textbook, regents

Michelle Pham, Creighton; UNL Husker Power

Paige Proksel, Southeast Missouri regents; Hastings ambassador; UNL Husker Power

Meghan Prusia, UNO chancellor’s

Leslie Ramos, Sgt. Lonnie Calvin Allen Memorial; MCC Board of Governors

Tyler Reynolds, Central Missouri football; BJSA

Jace Rettinger, UNL regents

Matthew Rolfson, UNL Husker Traditions

Amelia Rice, MCC Board of Governors

Katie Ryckman, Wayne State Ursula Wriedt Klatt Endowed

Chris Sanchez, TeamMates Central Office

Luis Sanchez Romo, MCC Board of Governors; Susan Thompson Buffett

Andrew Sautter, MCC Board of Governors

Alissa Schroeder, Oklahoma National Merit finalist

Laci Sheard, Sgt. Lonnie Calvin Allen Memorial

Austin Shook, Midland football

Ainsley Smith, Fairview Elementary School PTA; PEO National

Bailee Sobczyk, Nebraska Methodist Excellence in Allied Health

Elyse Splichal, Midland Anderson Leader Athlete

Mason Stanley, Hawaii Pacific Presidential, Marine Science, Residential Honors Program; Tampa Minaret

Cassidy Stussy, Alpha Delta Kappa

Tevin Tanner, Central CC basketball

Margaret Targy, UNL Husker Power; Susan Thompson Buffett

Courtney Thomas, BPS Foundation

Tia Thompson, MCC Board of Governors

Jordan Thorstad, Creighton founders; Kansas MSEP; Northwest Missouri State academic excellence, Bearcat; UNO chancellor’s, Deans; UNL Foundation, Husker Traditions

Eliseo Torres, UNL Glenn Korff School of Music, marching band

Meleah Turner, Roosevelt basketball

James VanBemmelen, Nebraska Wesleyan soccer

Kaylynne VanHerpen, American Legion Martin Graves

Mackenzie Wade, Baker merit, presidential, track and field

Jessica Warak, UNL David, regents

Skyler Wendling, Twin Ridge Elementary School PTA

Delaney Williams, Wayne State Black and Gold; Delta Kappa Gamma; Leonard Lawrence Elementary School PTA

Kathryn Woerner, Northland Acade; Albright Lion Achievement,presidential; Colorado State presidential; BPS Foundation; Denison alumni

Asja Woodard, UNL regents, Johnny Carson; UNO regents; Spellman presidential; Xavier of Louisiana trustees

Emily Woodsmall, U.S. Air Force ROTC; UNL Nebraska Achievement; Susan Thompson Buffett