Idaho’s representatives

July 12, 2017 GMT

I have placed my hope and faith on our Representative Mike Simpson, especially since he voted “no” to closing down the federal government at the budget crisis created by our congress by their refused to do the job they are elected to do. Mike Simpson sends me reply letters which at least indicate he has recognized my concerns. This is a stark difference to our senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch who voted “yes” to close the government over budget hostage and send letters saying in so many words, ‘blah.’

We have an issue with our representatives now. They are representing us less and less. Mike Simpson said he is not holding “town meetings.” He has closed his Pocatello office so now we have to contact him in Idaho Falls or DC. The news reported our Senator closing his office doors to us.

We are guaranteed representation by our Constitution which, thank God, is still our highest authority.

Please act to find out what we can do to be fairly and equally represented.

Jennie Conley,

American Falls