9 Massachusetts candidates agree to limit campaign spending

June 5, 2018

BOSTON (AP) — Nine Massachusetts candidates running for statewide office are participating in the state’s public financing program.

State election officials said Tuesday the two Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Lively have agreed to spending limits and are first in line to receive state funds.

Republican incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker has stockpiled more than $8 million in his campaign account and isn’t participating in the public financing program.

Gonzalez has about $172,000 while Massie has roughly $24,000 and Lively has around $13,000.

Under the state program, gubernatorial candidates agree to limit spending to $1.5 million for the primary and $1.5 million for the general election.

In return, each candidate is eligible for up to $750,000 for each of the two campaign periods, if funds are available.

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