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Intimacy is part of sex education -- John Torgerson

May 5, 2019 GMT

Esther Cepeda advocated for earlier and better sex education in her column last Sunday, ” Boys need meaningful sex education. ” I absolutely agree, especially in situations where we cannot connect sex with love.

The word “love” is the territory of religion, and religion is having some problems with sex also. The Roman Catholics are having to confront sexual abuse among their clergy. Protestants are divided over the issue of same-sex marriage.


Adding the word “love” to our sex education is a start. But we need a more precise word than “love” -- and the word is “intimacy.” Plenty of scriptures indicate that God’s relationship with us is one of intimacy. Intimacy is two-way love.

Jesus’ intimacy with us is unconditional, and believers in Jesus should try to imitate his love in loving our neighbors as ourselves. But our intimacy for other human beings will always be flawed. Those flaws are always fully forgiven by Jesus on the cross. By intimate prayer we work to minimize those flaws.

Our flawed attempts at intimacy are better than no intimacy at all.

John Torgerson, Wisconsin Dells