Attack on Mali village kills 37 in ethnic violence

January 1, 2019 GMT

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — Mali’s government said that armed men attacked a central village, killing 37 civilians, in what appeared to be ethnic violence.

State television broadcast a government announcement that men dressed as Dozo hunters attacked Kouloghon village early Tuesday.

The Fulani Association head Tabital Pulaaku said those killed were from the Fulani ethnic group and included the village chief.

The violence highlights the continuing tensions in central Mali between the Fulani, who are accused of being linked to al-Qaida, and the Dozo militia.

Mali’s government has started a disarmament campaign to take weapons from the rival groups. This attack is expected to make local groups unhappy to give up their arms.

Several human rights groups have reported several hundred civilians killed in central Mali because of attacks by armed groups.