Rare aye-aye born at Duke Lemur Center

September 21, 2017

The Duke Lemur Center got a new addition this summer when a rare aye-aye was born.

The new addition, named Agatha after writer Agatha Christie, was born on June 7 and is the first aye-aye born at the Duke Lemur Center in six years. She is one of only 24 of her kind in the United States.

Agatha has been under round-the-clock care since she was born weighing just 74 grams, which is slightly more than the weight of a Snickers bar.

“Agatha was a unique case,” said Cathy Williams, veterinarian at the Duke Lemur Center for 21 years. “She required intervention by the veterinary staff to provide supplemental warmth and formula until she gained enough strength that she could return to her mom full time.”

Veterinarians said Agatha is now thriving and interacting with her mother, Medusa, but she is not on display for the public to see.

The Duke Lemur Center last year lost four adult aye-ayes who died after a natural toxin found in avocados they ate set off damage to their heart muscles, resulting in death.