Ethiopian MPs approve first female supreme court president

November 1, 2018 GMT

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopian lawmakers have approved the country’s first female Supreme Court president.

The move Thursday came just a week after lawmakers elected Ethiopia’s first female president.

Meaza Ashenafi, a prominent law practitioner in Ethiopia, assumed the top job at the Supreme Court after she was unanimously approved by lawmakers for the post following her appointment by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

After her appointment, Meaza told the state affiliated Fana Broadcasting she had worked all her life to bring justice and fairness. “This appointment will help me to achieve more and I believe that I will succeed in doing it,” she stated.


Meaza is credited with founding the popular Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association. She has also worked with the U.N., help establish an all- female bank and served as a judge at the country’s High Court.

“I am struggling with my tears now. She is a force to reckon with. She is the embodiment of authenticity, firmness and strength,” said Hewan Solomon, Co- Founder of a women’s right initiative called Siiqqee Scholars, following the new appointment. “I know what the future holds for women and girls across the nation. Looking forward for a just and fair Ethiopia.”

On October 16, Ethiopian lawmakers also approved a new Cabinet with women making up a record 50 percent of the members, including the country’s first woman defense minister.