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Racketeering Trial to Resume Monday, Minus Another Defendant

July 21, 1985 GMT

BOSTON (AP) _ After two interruptions in two weeks, the federal racketeering trial of alleged Boston mob boss Gennaro J. Angiulo and several associates was scheduled to resume Monday.

Last week, U.S. District Judge David S. Nelson granted a separate trial for Ilario M.A. Zannino, 64, who has been hospitalized twice since the trial began because of heart trouble.

Zannino’s collapse in the courtroom July 10 and episodes last week halted the proceedings, which opened June 11.

Zannino was the second of seven men named in a September 1983 federal indictment to be severed from the case because of health problems.

Most of the defendants had asked for continuances and changes of venue, but besides Zannino, only Vittore N. Angiulo, 69, was granted a separate trial. Vittore Angiulo’s case was severed June 14 because he suffers from a kidney condition.

Zannino remains in Massachusetts General Hospital under guard in the intensive care unit in serious condition. When his health improves, he will be returned to jail without bail.

He and Gennaro Angiulo, 66, were the only defendants who remained jailed.

The FBI says Gennaro Angiulo, who for years was the reputed head of organized crime in Boston, was succeeded by Zannino as area mob boss.

In the 20-count indictment, Zannino, Gennaro and Vittore Angiulo, as well as Angiulo brothers Francesco J., 64; Donato F., 62, and Michele, 58; and Samuel Granito, 78, are accused of operating a ″criminal enterprise″ that allegedly engaged in a pattern of criminal activity involving murder, extortion, obstructing justice, racketeering and conspiracy.

Zannino was accused of racketeering, conspiracy in six murders, gambling and loansharking.

The government says more than 30 hours of recorded conversations at Angiulo’s office in the city’s North End will prove allegations in the indictment.

In opening statements, defense attorneys said they would show the government enhanced and tampered with the tapes.